Wednesday, June 16, 2010

songs about space and science for Dart Gun Radio this week

Check on this :)

I had at least 6 cds of just space songs alone!  nerd it up! - I know you can't wait to hear it....
of course you can;t.

Check out the ARCHIVE - for this show (click here)
2 hours of nerd bliss

Halo of flies - How does it feel to feel
album: Music for Insect minds; label: Amphetamine Reptile
DramaRama - Last Cigarette
album: Box Office Bomb; label: Chamelion
DEVO - Human Robot
album: Something for Everyone; label: Warer Brothers
They Might Be Giants - Science Is real
album: Science is real; label: Disney
Minutemen - Futureism Restated
album: Meet the Minutemen; label: SST
Pack A.D. - Math, the Stars
album: We kill computers; label: Mint
Denis Scott - Telstar
album: Various Artists: Heay Mr. Spaceman; label: Music for Little people
Peter Shilling - Major Tom (Voellig Losgeloest)
album: Single: Voelleg Losgeloest; label: Zebraluation
Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Loved song
album: I Ran: the best of the Flock of the Seagulls; label: Cleopatra Records
Lollies (*bed music) - Major Tom (Live)
album: Live; label: Edel
Thomas Dolby - She Blinded me with Sciene
album: Wired Magazine : music furturistic; label: 301 studios
the Misfits - I turned into a Martian
album: Walk Amoung us; label: Slash
Space - Female of the Species
album: Greatest Hits; label: Gut Records
B-52s - Cosmic Thing
album: Cosmic Thing; label: Reprise
B-52s - Planet Claire
album: Time Capsule Songs for a Future Generation; label: Reprise
the Rezillos - Destination Venus
album: I hate the Rezillos; label: Rhino
the Rezillos - Flying Sauser Attack
album: I hate the Rezillos; label: Rhino
The Stranglers - Rok It To the Moon
album: No More Heroes; label: Emd Int'l
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
album: Dead Man's Party; label: MCA
David Bowie - Space Oddity
album: Singles: 1969 - 1993; label: Ryko
Laurie Anderson - Let x=x
album: Big Science; label: Nonesuch
Murs - the Science (Radio Friendly)
album: Murs For Presendent; label: warner Brothres
Beastie Boys - Intergalaxtic
album: Sound of Science Collection; label: Grand Royal
Black Angles - Science Killers
album: Directions to see a ghost; label: Light in the Attic records
They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Shine?
album: Science is real; label: Disney
They Might Be Giants - What is a shooting Star
album: Science is real; label: Disney
The Stranglers - Always the Sun
album: Greatest Hits; label: Epic
R.E.M. - Man on the Moon
album: 20 years of REM (IRS years); label: IRS
the Platteres - Blue Moon
album: Only You; label: Orchard
the Ramones - Howlin' at the Moon
album: Loud Fast and the Ramones (Live); label: Rhino
Tom Waits - Drunk on the Moon
album: Heart of Saturday Night; label: Asylum Records
Orenda Fink - the Moon knows
album: Ask the Night; label: Saddle Creek
Die Krutzen - In school
album: s/t; label: touch and go
Hammer Head - Galaxy 66
album: Into the Vortex; label: Amphetamine Reptile
the scientists - When Fate Deals it's Mortal Blow
album: Sedition; label: ATP

Sunday, June 13, 2010

SPACE - songs all about Outerspace..

Major tom coming home - Peter Shilling

David Bowie's Space Odessy

the one I wanted but it won't let me embed it

Man or Astro Man

the Rezillos - Destination venus

Dr. Octagon "Aliens"

Voice of the Beehive - Man in the moon

Might as well walk the earth with them as well

Why does this generation of music suck so badley??? check out the Shiny Toy Guns cover.. I TOTALLY prefer the original.
I see no rusted cars - so they suck

Thanks for this one Ollie!!!!

I'm addicted to Japanese Spazz bands!

the opening takes WAYYY too long, but fast forward to 1.22 if you just want to get to it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/9/10 --> Dart Gun Radio: Music that influenced you in your teens request show

Made it back from Indiana
The wedding was great
and during that time I was contemplating "what was influential to you at age 14?"
Personally - 11 was my most formative years
but you guys had a lot listed and that was AWESOME

so I made a show about you.

Abbi A. Allan if you were 14 what were the songs that changed your life?

Rachel Girard
Rachel Girard
Girls on Film!   ->  STILL LOOKING FOR
Rachel Girard
Rachel Girard
That's when I decided I liked boys in skirts. Nick Rhodes *hot*
June 5 at 12:02am ·
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
it's the beat i think - mine was 'blood and roses' - 'up town girls' and 'hittin the wall
June 5 at 12:03am · 
Ruben Mendez
Ruben Mendez
Search by the Minutemen  --->  PLAYED
June 5 at 12:03am · 
Christian Hanson
Christian Hanson
Orgy of One -the meatmen
June 5 at 12:04am · --> DEFINITELY NEXT WEEK - I HAVE IT
LouAnne Smith Lord
LouAnne Smith Lord
Nick Lowe Cruel to be Kind. --->  PLAYED
Still in my top 20 all time GREATEST songs! Oh yeah and Is She Really Going Out With Him? Cuz Joe is the man! --->  PLAYED (different for girls)
June 5 at 12:05am ·
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
snerf........ cruel to be kind is a life lesson - if you're built like that -or its kind or be gone
be what you will
June 5 at 12:07am ·
Daniel Hansen
Daniel Hansen
Van Halen, 1984.  -->  --->  PLAYED (hot for teacher)
Beastie Boys, Fight for Your Right.-->  Next week, I left it on my bed
June 5 at 12:09am ·
LouAnne Smith Lord
LouAnne Smith Lord
Had a huge crush on a guy who was too old for me, and I thought he was such an ass! But a way nicer thing he did for me-breaking my heart, then what could have happened. And Joe changed all music likes!
June 5 at 12:10am · 
Keno Mikasa
Keno Mikasa
At 14 no particular song, but..more than likely Butthole Surfers- Hairway to Steven, D.R.I. -everything up to Cross Over, and Corrosion of Conformity-Eye for an Eye.
June 5 at 12:10am · -->  Next week
Rachel Girard
Rachel Girard
I believe this question is show our age:) heheh
June 5 at 12:10am · 
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
Every character who you should falll in love with should love Joe Jackson

B boys - are like blood - a must. Awesome for a joke band - made gold..... serious...... insane that they got big.
June 5 at 12:12am · 
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
Keno - yes, a time amomen, yes

our age is age less
we are the non generation
we are what rock and roll wants to be! ha
June 5 at 12:13am · 
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
Tomorrow Wendy - Concrete Blonde
June 5 at 12:19am · 
Liz Olds
Liz Olds
When I was 14 the two songs that changed my life were Carry On by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and just about everything by Joni Mitchell. Oh, and Turnpike Terror by Peter Lang. This sorta shows my age, doesn't it...?
June 5 at 12:39am ·  ---> Next week
Abbi A. Allan
Abbi A. Allan
nope - not at all - it's music love
what ever shakes you

"Anything Anything" - Dramarama........ I think that was during my mega "I'm a boy" phase.......
June 5 at 12:52am · 
Mad Salvager
Mad Salvager
"Asleep" by the Smiths...still makes me cry like a heart broken girl.
June 5 at 12:57am · ---> Next week
Mick Berge Novak
Mick Berge Novak
I was HUGE into Emerson Lake & Palmer Volume 1 - Greg Lake's side of that 2 record set. H U G E I tell you.
June 5 at 1:57am · ---> Next week  (*i hope) - you're making me work Mick...
Steve Penttila
Steve Penttila
Slayer and Motorhead! All of them!
June 5 at 2:51am · ---> Next week - I gotta
Greg Carr
Greg Carr
The Who in general - poured my soul into (or out of) Quadrophenia
June 5 at 6:25am · ---> Played
Paul Audette
Paul Audette
I was lucky enough to have Slayer release "Reign In Blood" (bought at the long-gone Musicland in City Center) and Metallica release "Master of Puppets" (bought somewhere in Cleveland on vacation with my aunt and uncle) when I was 14. I even remember the chemical smell of the clear-plastic tapes.
June 5 at 8:32am · ---> Next week
Amanda Lee Cox
Amanda Lee Cox
14? I was in love with David Bowie. 'Letter To Hermione' from Space Oddity. That song kills me! I put it on every mix tape for years.
June 5 at 10:55am · ---> Next week 0 I had it lined up and everything
Mary Crandall
Mary Crandall
L7 Brick's are Heavy.--->played
Also, Bikini Kill's Pussywhipped.  -->---> Next week
June 5 at 11:19am · 
Shane Wallin
Shane Wallin
Frankie goes to Hollywood 'Relax'
June 5 at 12:02pm · ---> Next week -  I found it right as i was finished with the show.
Amanda Lee Cox
Amanda Lee Cox
I also loved The DambuilderS "Shrine", The Church "Under The Milkyway, The Pixies "Debaser", Prince "Seven" and so many more...; )
June 5 at 12:57pm · ---> Next week  another making me do my homework... damnit
Ursula Murray Husted
Ursula Murray Husted
Here there and everywhere- The Beatles on Revolver, Lucky ball and chain, TMBG on Flood

Fun to think back about this!
June 5 at 4:37pm · --->Played... personal attachment to this song as well
Ron Gerber
Ron Gerber
"On The Loose" by Saga, "Fantasy" by Aldo Nova,---> Next week (if I can find it)
"Sausalito Summernight" by Diesel, ---> Next week (if I can find it)
"Genius Of Love" by the Tom Tom Club. ---> Played
Still love 'em all.
June 5 at 10:52pm · 
Doug Thethug
Doug Thethug
"Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnnie. Trippin' before there wuz drugs.  ---> Next week
so that's what I did
I fell in love with that Peg Simone album and needed to hear all 22 minutes of the Levy song.  (FYI)


Halo of Flies - How Does it Feel to Feel
album: Music for Insect Minds; label: Amphetamine Reptile
Dramarama (bedmusic) - Last Ciggaret (1/2 f the song)
album: Box Office Bomb; label: Chamelion
Paul Westerberg - Lets not belong together
album: Mono; label: Vagrant Records
Wipers - taking too long
album: Best of the Wipers; label: Restless
Drive like Jehu - Caress
album: S/t; label: Headhunter Records
Today is the Day - Black Dahlia
album: Supernova; label: Amphetamine Reptile
Shiny Beast (Bed music) - Galxo
album: S?T ep; label: Boner
the Shimmys - Don't slander me
album: Brunettes on the Rocks; label: Off the Hip
Peg Simone - Levee / 1927
album: Secrets; label: Radium Records
Beatles - Here and there and everywhere
album: Revolver; label: Capitol
the Who - Get out and stay out
album: Quadrophenia; label: Polydor
Cyndi Lauper - She Bop
album: She's so Unusual; label: Portrait Records
L7 - Diet Pill
album: Bricks are Heavy; label: Slash
Van Halen - Hot for teacher
album: 1984; label: Warner Brothers
Judas Priest - Livin' after Midnight
album: British Steel (re-releases); label: Legacy
Minutemen - Search
album: Introducing the Minutemen; label: SST
the Kinks - Waterboy
album: Village Green preservation Society - special Delux edition; label: Sanctuary records
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love
album: S/t; label: Rhino / Warner Brothers
Oingo Boingo - No One Lives forever
album: Deadman's party; label: MCA
the Cows - Cabin Man
album: Sorry in Pig Minor; label: Amphetamine Reptile
Nick Lowe - Crule To be kind
album: 200 Cigarettes soundtrack; label: Polygram Records
the Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
album: Kronikles; label: Reprise Records
Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (*Radio Edit)
album: Single; label: Virgin
Michael Franti & Spearhead - the Sound of Sunshine (played as bed music)
album: Single; label: Capitol
X-Ray Spex - I am a poseur
album: Germ Free adolesence; label: Caroline
Peggy Sue - She Called
album: Fossils and other phantoms; label: Yep Rock
Joe Jackson - Different for Girls
album: 200 Cigarettes soundtrack; label: Polygram Records
the Scientists - When Fate Deals it's mortal blow
album: Sedition; label: ATP

Peg Simone's "Secrets" album cover

Friday, June 4, 2010

that's THIS AWAY it is in MN

Why aren't u eating this up

so - for those who read this - because no one does

my boy builds coffins

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The interactive 5/25/10 - if you want to play along with Links etc.

         too many puppies........  strange hankering for Primus?

1.Halo Of Flies How Does it feel Music for Insect mInds Amphetamine Reptie 2.59

2. Wire -  Dot Dash  -On Returning Pink flag 2.24

3. Neverever -  Teardrop Tattoo  - Angelic Swells  - slumbberland 2.26

4.  King Khan & the Shrines  - Crackin' Up -  Supream Genius  - VICE 3.06

5.  VV Brown -  Quick Fix -  Taveling like Light -  Columbia 2.49

6.  the Seeds - Can't seem to make you mine  - Various Artist: Nuggets  - Rhino 3.02
(As promised -  here's where you can find those amazing psyche - rock comps - or at least know what they look like.  In no way does Dart Gun Radio love amazon more than anything.  Dart Gun Radio wants to encourage you to go to a small independently owned record store and get it from them!!!!)
7.  the Shins (bed music) - New slang  -Oh Invertered World  -sub pop 3.02

8.  the Dictators -  Baby Lets Twist -  Blood brothers  - Asylum 3.53

 9.  Dirty Looks -  Hit List -  Dirty looks -  ZZT 2.03

10. the Who  - My Generation - Austin Powers soundtrack -  Maverick 3.25

11.  Urban Junior  - Girl like you  - 2 headed -  FFrecords (CH) / Kontor 2.05

12. Marina & the Diamonds -  Oh No!!!  -the family Jewels Chop Shop 3.01

13. InXS -  Suicide Blonde -  X  - Atlantic 3.52 

14 - PRIMUS -  too many puppies -  Frizzle Fry  - interscope  - 3.57

15.  Melvins  -  Joan of Arch -  Houdini (Live) -  Ipecac 4.19

16. Mika Miko Sex We Be Xuxa K records 1.05

17. Mika Miko Blues not Speed We Be Xuxa K records 2.09

18. Tiny Masters of Today - Abecrmbie Zombie  -Skeleton - Mute 2.11

19. Cheep Trick(Bed Music) -  On the Radio  - Heaven Tonight  - Epic 4.33

20.  the Dead Weather -  Huste and Cuss  - Sea of cowards 3rd man 3.46

21. Peg Simone - Boilmaker  - Secrets from the Storm Radium records 5.05

22. the Gits Second Skin Frenching the Broken Rekids / Revolver 2.58

23.  the Dead Weather - I'm mad - Sea of cowards 3rd man 3.16

24.  Indian Jewelry  - Heaven World Destroyer - Totalled      - -Now we are free 2.03

25.  the blood of heroes  --Remain  --the blood of heroes  -OHM 3.33

26. the Joy Formitable - the last drop - A Balloon -Black Bell 3.23

27. the Jam  (*bed music & played again!! - because it's that good!!!)  -Heat Wave  - setting sons  -Polydor Records 2.23

28.  the Pagans - Dead End America  -Shit Street - treehouse records 1.46
(Crypt Records actually.......)

29.  Male Bonding -  Paradice Vendors - Nothing HurtsSubpop 2.38

30. Male Bonding - Weird Feelings  - Nothing HurtsSubpop 2.17

31.  Male Bonding -  Nothing Remains  - Nothing Hurts  - Subpop 1.41

32.  Male Toruble  - Fighting to Keep Her Alive  - Various Artists We Aren't houswives  - Dionousis 2.53

33.  Buzzcocks  - Mad Mad Judy  - A different kind….. -  IODA 3.37

34.  Buzzcocks - Get it on your own - the love mix -IODA 2.31

35. Unnatural Helpers - I don't belong to you  -Cracked love and other Drugs  -Hardly Art 1.37

36.  the Black Keys  -Howlin' for you  -Brothers - Nonesuch 3.12

37. Iggy Pop  -Night clubbing -  Trainspotting soundtrack - Capitol 4.14

38.  the Scientists   -When Fate Deals its mortal blow  - Sedition  -ATP 2.44

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

some tunes stuck in my head while I'm in Indiana - and not on the radio

Elton John - Crocodile Rock

The Raveonettes - "Drugs"