Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Punker than You!

My favorite BANDS /  songs / Videos (hopefully adding to this over time)

•  SALT N' PEPPER --->  They are punker than all of you - forever
here's why:

"Ain't Nothin' but a She' thing"

Their cover  - redo - remix of "Shake it up Baby"

Doin' Drag before it was cool, tossin' at the untouchable Beatles...  Women for the first time in charge of the evening in a poodle skirt - outside of the ever so cliche image of either a girl being raped wearing one or telling someone they are pregnant.  Refreshing, awesome, and daring.  Love it

•  "Shoop"
welcome to putting guys in the spot of what 90% of the mainstream songs (*the ones that don't make me want to die a little bit from feeling like a slab of plastic-wrapped $1.50 a pound carcass.)  This is much kinder than anything ever written to a woman.  Written from the carnal drive that drives any of us as much as any man  - and don't you guys forget it

• "Push it"
because the delivery - the presentation -->  women today wouldn't get away with this.

This is why Salt n' Pepper is punker than you!