Monday, May 31, 2010

Sample playlist

the Creation - "How does it feel to feel"

Bed music to talk over if the opening talk goes long
Last Cigarette (Dramarama)

End of the show song
the Scientists - "When fate Deals it's Mortal Blow"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching up with playlists for May

Artist Title Album Label Time (eg. 3.24)
Halo Of Flies How Does it feel Music for Insect mInds Amphetamine Reptie 2.59
Wire Dot Dash On Returning Pink flag 2.24
Neverever Teardrop Tattoo Angelic Swells slumbberland 2.26
King Khan & the Shrines Crackin' Up Supream Genius VICE 3.06
VV Brown Quick Fix Taveling like Light Columbia 2.49
the Seeds Can't seem to make you mine Various Artist:  Nuggets Rhino 3.02
the Shins (bed music) New slang Oh Invertered World sub pop 3.02
the Dictators Baby Lets Twist Blood brothers Asylum 3.53
Dirty Looks Hit List Dirty looks ZZT 2.03
the Who My Generation Austin Powers soundtrack Maverick 3.25
Urban Junior Girl like you 2 headed FFrecords (CH) / Kontor 2.05
Marina & the Diamonds Oh No!!! the family Jewels Chop Shop 3.01
InXS Suicide Blonde X Atlantic 3.52
PRIMUS too many puppies Frizzle Fry interscope 3.57
Melvins Joan of Arch Houdini (Live) Ipecac 4.19
Mika Miko Sex We Be Xuxa K records 1.05
Mika Miko Blues not Speed We Be Xuxa K records 2.09
Tiny Masters of Today Abecrmbie Zombie Skeleton Mute 2.11
Cheep Trick On the Radio Heaven Tonight Epic 4.33
the Dead Weather Huste and Cuss Sea of cowards 3rd man 3.46
Peg Simone Boilmaker Secrets from the Storm Radium records 5.05
the Gits Second Skin Frenching the Broken Rekids / Revolver 2.58
the Dead Weather I'm mad Sea of cowards 3rd man 3.16
Indian Jewelry Heaven World Destroyer Totalled Now we are free 2.03
the blood of heroes Remain the blood of heroes OHM 3.33
the Joy Formitable the last drop A Balloon Black Bell 3.23
the Jam Heat Wave setting sons Polydor Records 2.23
the Pagans Dead End America Shit Street treehouse records 1.46
Male Bonding Paradice Vendors Nothing Nurts Subpop 2.38
Male Bonding Weird Feelings Nothing Nurts Subpop 2.17
Male Bonding Nothing Remains Nothing Nurts Subpop 1.41
She Male Toruble Fighting to Keep Her Alive We Aren't houswives Dionousis 2.53
Buzzcocks Mad Mad Judy A different kind….. IODA 3.37
Buzzcocks Get it on your own the love mix IODA 2.31
Unnatural Helpers I don't belong to you Cracked love and other Drugs Hardly Art 1.37
the Black Keys Howlin' for you Brothers Nonesuch 3.12
Iggy Pop Night clubbing Trainspotting soundtrack Capitol 4.14
the Scientists When Fate Deals its mortal blow Sedition ATP 2.44
I love all the new stuff
Artist Title Album Label Time (eg. 3.24)
Halo of Flies How does it feel to feel Music for insect Minds Amphetamine reptile 2.59
Unnartural Helpers Vox Humana Cracked love and other drugs Hardly Art 1.18
Cock Sparrer Take 'em All (Live) Back home Captain Oi! / Cadiz 3.13
Ramones Judy is a Punk Greatest Hits Rhino 1.35
Johnny and the Self abusers Saints an Sinners The Chistwick Story Part 1 (various Artists) Ace Records / IODA  1.52
Suicide Johnny Suicide Mute 2.11
Juior Thomson How Come you do me the roots f the cramps (Various Artists) Garage Masters Records / The Orchard  2.25
the Novas the Crusher the roots f the cramps (Various Artists) Garage Masters Records / The Orchard  1.59
Faith No More Jizzlobber Angle Dust Rhino / Warner brothers 6.39
T. Rex Mambo Sun Electric Warrior Rhino / Warner brothers 3.41
Gemma Ray Ghost on the Highway It's a shame about Gemma Ray Bronzerat / PIAS Digital 2.24
Gemma Ray sawmpsnake It's a shame about Gemma Ray Bronzerat / PIAS Digital 3.08
Gemma Ray looking the world over It's a shame about Gemma Ray Bronzerat / PIAS Digital 2.27
Peg Simone Oh Holy Night Secrets from the storm Radium (table of the elements) 5.47
Peg Simone Mirst & Avel Secrets from the storm Radium (table of the elements) 4.2
Peg Simone Henry Secrets from the storm Radium (table of the elements) 3.09
Minutemen Political Song for Michael Jackson To Sing Introducing the Minutemen SST 1.3
Minutemen Case Closed Introducing the Minutemen SST 1.3
the Black Keys Ten Cent Pistol Brothers Nonesuch 4.29
the Black Keys She's long Gone Brothers Nonesuch 3.06
the Black Keys Howlin' for you Brothers Nonesuch 3.12
H•O•F A new kind of hate A new kind of hate ep Amphetamine reptile 2.44
A perge of dissidents Infestation of Buffalo S/t ep Amphetamine reptile 1.35
the Black Hollies Hampton Park Ballerina Casting Shaddows Ernest Jenning 2.41
Male Bonding nothing use to hurt Nothing Hurts subpop 2.4
Male Bonding your contract Nothing Hurts subpop 1.44
Hammer Head Swallow Into the Vortex Amphetamine reptile 4.17
Bo Diddley I'm a Man Sopranoes soundtrack Hollywood 2.1
Dessa Seamstress A badley Broken Code Rhymesayers 3.42
Dessa Dutch A badley Broken Code Rhymesayers 3.22
Jay retard Screeming Hand Matador Singles Matador 2.01
Tiny Masters of Today Real Good Skeletons Mute 2.04
the Asteroid Galaxy Trio golden Age Fruit Kudos 3.5
the Beach Boys Don't Worry Baby Summer Love Songs Capitol 2.41
Mika Miko Turkey sandwich We be Xuxa Post Preset Medium 2.04
the Blind Shake Wool Jacket Carmel Learning Curve Records 1.45
scientist When Fate Deals its mortal blow Sedtion Atp 2.44

This week Judas Priest's "British Steel" was re-released and I'm pretty excited about that cuz I too am livin' after midnight.  Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez and JOhn Spenser (for those Boss Hog Fans), the new one from Dead Weather, Minutemen obsession as well...  many good ones... it was a fun show

Artist Title Album Label Time (eg. 3.24)
halo of flies How Does it Feel to Feel Music for Insect Minds Amphetamine Reptile 2.59
Dramarama Last Cigarette Box office Bomb Chamelion 4.25
Richard Berry and the Pharoes Louie Louie Various Artists: Flip Hits Ace Records / IODA 2.13
13th Floor Elevators You're going to Miss me High Fidelity Soundtrack Hollywood 2.28
Burning Brides If I'm a Man Leave No Ashes V2 3.41
Male Bonding Crooked Scene Nothing Hurts Subpop 2.23
Helmet Unsung Meantime Interscope 3.58
Tears for Fears (Bed Music) Mad World Tears roll down Fontana / Epic / Mercury 3.29
The Blind Shake Been Young Carmel Learning Curve records 1.29
Nausea Technologikill Extinction Profane Existance 5.23
the Boys No Money s/t Legacy 1.49
Judas Priest Livin' After Midnight British Steel (re-release: 30th aniversary) Legacy 3.31
Judas Priest Breakin' the law British Steel (re-release: 30th aniversary) Legacy 2.36
Judas Priest Rapid Fire British Steel (re-release: 30th aniversary) Legacy 4.08
Alien Sex Fiend Burger Bar Baby Curse Sinclair 0.58
Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez and John Spenser Don't Hold Back Amsterdamn Throwdown King Street Showdown! 3.02
Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez and John Spenser Racer X Amsterdamn Throwdown King Street Showdown! 2.37
The Fall Hot Cake Your Future our Clutter Domino 3.18
Naked Raygun The Strip What Poor Gods we Do make Riot Fest Records 2.13
Parlovr Sever my Ties S/t s/r 2.41
The Deadweather Hustle and Cuss Sea of Cowards Thrid Man 3.46
The Deadweather Gasoline Sea of Cowards Thrid Man 2.45
the Jam When you're young Setting Sons Collector's Choice 3.12
EATER Waiting For the Man the Complete Eater Com Anagram Records / IODA 2.43
EATER Room For One the Complete Eater Com Anagram Records / IODA 1.43
Mission of Burma Acedemy Fight Song the Definitive Collection Matador 3.09
the Ferious Few Me and the Devil Juices Birdman 2.48
Archie Bronson Outfit Bite it and the Devil Coconut Birdman 3.34
Wipers Taking too long the best of wipers restless records 3.06
Wanda Jackson Who shot sam Queen of Rockablity Ace 2.22
Velvet Underground I'm Waiting For the Man Fully Loaded Rhino 4.4
V V Brown L.O.V.E. Traveling Like Light Capitol 2.58
Atmosphere You When Life Gives you Lemons Rhymsayers 3.14
Minutemen Paranoid Chant Introducing the Minutement SST 1.04
Minutemen Party w/ me punker Introducing the Minutement SST 0.59
katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine 25 years re-release single Capitol 3.44
Sam Cooke Wonderful World the best of RCA/Legacy 2.05
45 Grave School's out Sleep in Safty Restless Records 3.33
Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack the Genius hits the Raod Rhino 1.55

Greg Carr - my personal hero subs for me
The Cramps Goo Goo Muck Psychodelic Jungle IRS 3:02
801 Somber Reptiles Live Polydor 3:05
Butthole Surfers Intellegent Guy Weird Revolution Hollywood 3:17
Lee Scratch Perry & Dub Syndicate Train To Doomsville Pay It All Back Vol 2 On U Sound 4:59
Barmy Army Billy Bonds Pay It All Back Vol 2 On U Sound 3:48
Angst Neil Armstrong Angst Happy Squid Records 1:37
Avengers Thin White Line Avengers Civil Defence 3:08
The Undertones Male Model The Undertones Sire 2:12
Buzzcocks Airwaves Dream Parts 1 - 3 IRS 3:50
Buzzcocks Running Free Parts 1 - 3 IRS 3:12
Grace Jones Feel Up Nightclubbing Island 4:03
Throbbing Gristle Hot On The Heels Of Love 20 Jazz Funk Greats Mute 4:20
Wall Of Voodoo Animal Day Dark Continent IRS 3:53
David Byrne My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks) The Catherine Wheel Sire 2:45
The Golden Palominos Boy (Go) Visions Of Excess Celluloid 5:19
Nina Hagen Born In XIXAX Nun Sex Monk Rock Columbia 2:55
The Bollock Brothers New York Live Performances Charly 4:03
Butthole Surfers They Came In Weird Revolution Hollywood 5:29
Love and Rockets Yin and Yang The Flowerpot Man Single Beggars Banquet 5:10
The Cramps Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalks Psychodelic Jungle IRS 2:03
Leather Nun Cool Shoes (Hot Shoes For Real Cool Guys) Cool Shoes EP Wire 4:48
Martha And The Muffins Echo Beach Metro Music Virgin 3:38
Iggy Pop Blah-Blah-Blah Blah-Blah-Blah A&M 4:20
Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate Dr Who ? North Of The River Thames On U Sound 5:59
The Dancing Did Squashed Things And Did Those Feet Kamera 4:20
Snakefinger Yeti, What Are You? Live In Chicago Ralph 4:20
Jane Bond and the Undercover Men Stuff We're Not Supposed To Know Neighborhood Rhythms Freway Records 2:50
William S. Burroughs & Material The Road To The Western Lands The Western Lands Axiom 5:43
Adrian Sherwood Paradise of Nadya Never Trust A Hippie On U Sound 3:27

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Theoretical band names

Band names I come up with that make me wish I was in a band
I want suggestions!

• Mouth full of blood
• Fix your Face with Mace
• Mr.Gosh is Boss
• 3 legged doberman

• Anti-De-Dis-Vomit-Ass-Charge
• Ass Charge
• Punch a Duck
• Charge it to my ass
• Peg-your-pants
• the head is in the ditch
• Simply ran out of Coffins = S.R.O.C.
• Control your face
• G.O.G (Goddess of the Geek)s (a nick name i actually had in high-school)
• 1918 (with change)

• heartfelt lord's turoquet
• Blue crayons make me horny
• Why is there fur on your dick?
• Is there a place we can go so I can ignore you
• Ouch - your face
• Soft breathy voices alone in a corner don't want you to come near
• carved our name in styrophoame take out

• Dashboard spider Monkey (B.D.S.M)
• red cup at the door

• Land of the plastic cups
• Charge it to my ass
• You can't handle the vibration
• Bark make out

BAND LYRICS (or mistaken band lyrics) THAT SHOULD BE A BAND TITLE:
• I'm you're fetus, I'm inside you - i bite cha bite cha
• I Don't want to be a Peanut

• Crass-mass
• Pest-yule-in-pants

• One Day One Night - Saturday's Alright
• Head on
• Oh Superman

• Black Hopefuls --> NYtimes -

• White people are impatient and cant wait in line like the rest of this

• Betty White
• Sad Panda

Beneath the Burning City (Ben Severns)